AUTOONE 50Amp to 30Amp/30Amp to 50Amp/15Amp to 30Amp Heavy Duty RV Power Cord Adapter

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Good helper for RV camping

If you find that your main equipment and generator's adapter and power cords don't fit, you may not want to continue your road trip, and it will be difficult to settle down and get power on at the campsite. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have one or more RV power adapters for different power outlets so that you can charge your RV when you are away.

AUTOONE's new generation of RV Power Cord Adapter can solve your travel troubles. The commonly used male-to-female expansion or reduction adapters are suitable for most charging piles. The rubber and copper material interface is more flexible and durable, making your RV journey more convenient!


Product options:

  1. 50A male to 30A female power adapter cord---Adapter plug: 14-50P to TT-30R
  2. 30A male to 50A female power adapter cord---Adapter plug: TT-30P to 14-50R
  3. 15A male to 30A female power adapter cord---Adapter plug: 5-15P to TT-30R

Length: 12inch

Voltage: 125V

Current: 30A

Power: 3750W

(15A male to 30A female power adapter cord: Voltage: 125V, Current: 15A, Power: 1875W)

Material: polyethylene heavy duty flame retardant plastic + pure copper wire

Uses: charging piles connecting RVs and camps, home power transfer, etc.


【SUPERIOR DURABILITY】-Molded from 100% pure copper wire and coated with a heavy-duty flame retardant, UV-resistant polyethylene plastic sleeve for protection from outdoor elements, abrasion, and tearing.

【LED Power Indicator】- Designed the LED power indicator will glow green when there is power, so it can visually show whether the power is successfully connected

【Grip Handle】- The ends are designed with ergonomic power grip handles to safely and easily plug and unplug connectors without straining or damaging the cord

【180° Free Bend】- The adapter is designed with a 180-degree bend from the male to female adapter end, which can reduce the pressure and stress on the adapter cable.


Since the RV power adapters has different power and different adapter connectors, you need to confirm your RV's needs before purchasing.

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