AUTOONE 7443 LED Bulb Red 2800lm

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  • There are many led bulbs on the market, most of them use older chips and are about 3 times brighter than halogen bulbs.
  • AUTOONE 7443 bulb is equipped with 23 high quality LED chipsets, it provides more focused beam pattern. Providing you with a safer view when working.
  • Traditional bulb seem to have failed to keep up with the requirements of modern vehicles, AUTOONE 7440 led bulb comes with unique heat sink hole design makes the bulb work properly even in extreme conditions. It also comes with a heat resistant LED base for support that provide 50,000+ long lifespan.
  • Built-in CANbus makes 98% of the vehicles without error warning or radio interference, but as LED bulbs draw much less wattage than conventional bulbs.For a few sensitive vehicles

Special Features

This bulb will strobe flash at the beginning of braking model and then keep solid light, which blinking for braking stop safety alert, much easier noticed while braking and much safer when stop required. The blinking times are restricted and can drive on the road safely.


  • Adopted advanced LED strobe applications to make the bulb strobe legally and make your driving safer, smarter and brighter
  • Amazing strobe effect will make the drivers behind you well-noticed to avoid the chances of collision
  • The big difference of the light brightness between the driving and braking mode makes the driving much easier

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