AUTOONE H11 LED Headlight Bulbs, H8/H9/H16 Fog Lights, Yellow Fanless Mini Size Car Bulb

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If you are still worrying about replacing your car headlights or fog lights with better lighting bulbs, then don't miss AUTOONE's H11 LED bulbs! The upgraded AUTOONE H11 LED headlamps have a more diffused light that aids side and front visibility without affecting oncoming drivers. Therefore, it will be safer and brighter to replace the H11 led light bulb with fog lights, low beams, high beams, or daytime running light.


Model: H8/9/11/16JP

Package: LED light bulb*2

Voltage: 9-18V DC

Power: 10W (steady state) / 18W (initial)

Lumen: 800LM (steady state) / 1350LM (initial)


Lamp beads: CSP 

Application: Fog light, daytime running light. 

Life: 50,000 hrs


【Huge Improvement in Visibility】 AUTOONE H11 led bulbs are equipped with high luminous efficacy CSP chips. And 1:1 halogen h11 bulbs’ beam pattern, spread out the light more to help in the side and front vision but not endanger overcoming drivers.

【Advanced and Ingenious Design】 No plastic plug, won't detach from the plug or get loose compared to other H11 fog lights. Ensure AUTOONE H11 led lights are more reliable and durable.

【Waterproof 】 IP67 Waterproof, avoid the dirt, and wet inhale in driving so that the H11 led lights will work perfectly in most severe weather.

【Less 10 Mins Easy Installation】 All-in-one wireless mini size H11 light bulb. No bulky and extended bulb base, no external driver, plug and play.

【More than 50,000Hr Longer Lifespan】 With the whole aluminum body and temperature control element, the h11 led will operate in a normal working temp range.

【Bulid-in Driver】 Fit 99% of vehicles for the headlight bulbs, and fog lamps without error or flickering issues.


The upgraded driver makes the H11 LED headlight bulbs and H8/H9/H16 fog lights to be compatible with 99% of vehicles without flickering or error problems. But for a few vehicles, you may still need an additional decoder to be installed.


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