AUTOONE H4 LED Bulb 6000K White


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Why Choose AUTOONE H4 LED Headlight Bulbs?

  • Same OEM size, 1:1 mini size of original car halogen bulbs.
  • Plug and play, no external driver and wires, save space.
  • No light decay, the position of the light-emitting point is the same as that of the original car halogen bulb.
  • Having a dependable, bright, and long-lasting pair of LED lights, allows you to see more clearly and farther on the road. This is exactly what the AUTOONE can do for you.

  • AUTOONE H4 Headlight Bulb That Can Operate As Low As -40°F and As High As +176°F
  • IP67 waterproof technology to ensure normal driving in rain and snow.
  • 12 ZES high-quality chip, high penetrating power, safer driving at night, and on foggy days.
  • 6000K white, 1:1 the same uniform light as the halogen bulbs, offers driver better visibility during night driving.
  • Replacing halogen light with LED helps improve visibility in low visibility weather such as fog, rain, snow, dust, etc.

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