AUTOONE H8 H9 H11 LED Headlight Bulbs, 100W 15000LM Wireless

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When you find that your car headlight lighting is not bright enough when you use it at night, you may need to replace it with new lighting!

AUTOONE H11 LED headlight bulbs will be super helpful as the brightness and lifespan of these lights is way more. Definitely worth a try if you have visibility issues!

This H11 LED headlight is 600% brighter than halogen bulbs and produces 15,000 lumens of brightness and 6500K white light. Increases side and peripheral visibility in rural and forested areas. In addition, the 1mm light distribution allows for a wider pavement throughout the light, more uniform illumination, and no dark areas for safer night driving.


Model: Universal for H8/H9/H11

Pack: LED Headlight Bulb*2

Color: 6500K white

Material: Aluminum

Voltage: DC9-30V

Power: initial power 35W, steady state power 26.5W

Luminous flux: initial 3300lm, steady state: 2300lm

Lumen: 15000

Light source: 7035LED-6 chip

Lifespan: 50,000+Hrs

Waterproof Grade: IP67

Application: for automotive headlights (led headlight bulb) 


【1:1 filament as halogen bulbs】Effectively simulate the beam pattern of the halogen lamp and solve the problem of focusing unevenly. No blind spots or shadowed areas, without dazzle for oncoming vehicles.

【600% Brighter than Halogen Bulbs】Capable of outputting 15,000 lumens of brightness, 6500K white light.

【50,000+Hrs Lifespan】Autoone h11 led headlight will achieve effective cooling performance to ensure longer life. And increased copper tube heat dissipation, thermal conductivity is 30 times the copper plate.

【5 Minutes Installation】 No polarity, plug, and play. The Autoone h11 led headlight will right into the factory sockets without additional modification needed.

【IP67 Waterproof】With excellent IP67-rated performance, the h11 led bulbs headlight can work normally and help you see clearly in harsh weather conditions

【High Compatibility】 Built-in intelligent IC driver, the h11 LED bulbs are canbus for 99% of vehicles without error or radio interference.


The upgraded driver makes the h8/h9/h11 led headlight to be compatible with 99% of vehicles without flickering or error problems. But for a few vehicles, you may still need an additional decoder to install.

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