AUTOONE H7 LED Bulb Plug and Play

$43.99 $38.99

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Why Choose AUTOONE H7 LED Bulbs?

  • True 1:1 mini size of original car halogen bulbs.
  • No additional adapters, mounts directly to your socket. The only true plug-and-play bulb on the market.
  • No light decay, the position of the light-emitting point is the same as that of the original car halogen bulb.
  • Having a dependable, bright, and long-lasting pair of LED lights, allows you to see more clearly and farther on the road. This is exactly what the AUTOONE can do for you.

     Plug and Play H7 LED Light Bulbs 

    • Non-polarity: Not afraid of positive and negative errors, real plug and play.
    • Fits most vehicles: AUTOONE h7 led bulbs built-in intelligent IC driver, compatible with most vehicles system.
    • NOTE: For some sensitive cars, an additional decoder or anti-flicker harness may be required, please contact AUTOONE. Please check the user manual.
    • Warm Tips: More suitable for forwarding lighting housing which is without projector lenses. If your car halogen bulb has a special adapter, there may be a need for a retainer/adapter/clip. Please contact AUTOONE.

    AUTOONE H7 Bulbs That Can Operate As Low As -40°F and As High As +176°F!

    • IP67 waterproof technology to ensure normal driving in rain and snow.
    • 8 csp high-quality chip, high penetrating power, safer driving at night and on foggy days.
    • 6500K white, 1:1 the same uniform light as the halogen bulbs, offers driver better visibility during night driving.
    • Replacing halogen light with LED helps improve visibility in low visibility weather such as fog, rain, snow, dust, etc.
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